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های دیتا

A Brief of Our Activities!

Hi Data has begun since the beginning of 2014. Our activities in this period have been accompanied by a lot of efforts and the provision of high-quality services with professional support is one of our most important business priorities. Further, new services from European datacenters were added to the products. Uptime and the security of our services are very important to us, and we worked hard on these two principles.

In August 2018, the registration of the company, called “Mizban Dadeh Roham”, was registered to the 2539 registration number for continuing activity formally. We are always striving to provide new services and move along the technology of the day!

Contact Us

If you have questions about services, contact us through the following ways:

Telephone (Persian): (+98) 2435278112
Email: info@hidata.org
Hours: Saturday to Wednesday, 10 AM to 2 PM and 17 PM to 20 PM.

Ticket Support:
For support requests and questions about the services, contact us through the ticket in the Client Area.
Tickets are answered at all times of the week and in the shortest possible time.

Hi Data

Mizban Dadeh Roham LLC company, a “Hi Data” brand, is providing hosting services since April 2014. Our efforts are to bring you the best of services from global datacenters with professional support. We are with you at any moment!

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